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Entry #1

Hope to do a lot here

2012-02-12 21:53:55 by Electroid-14

Hello newgrounder's I actually joined along time ago
I made this new account cuz I was tired of my old one
I mostly draw digitally, you can see all of my work on my deviantART
but I'm here to improve myself, meaning I wanna do some flash cartoons
I just got flash cs4 and practicing on animation. I always loved animations might as well make some.
I also want to do some music things in fl studio 10 but I'm not very good at it so that will have to wait.
But I'll also post some drawings as well
well that is all for fun here's a picture of one of my characters

Hope to do a lot here


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2012-02-12 23:24:18

Welcome again.